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12 September
6 common symptoms of Adderall addiction
By Rachael

6 common symptoms of Adderall addiction

Adderall is a prescription drug that contains a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine – stimulants that affect the brain chemicals. The drug is effective in improving focus, attention and energy level and used to treat conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy.

Though Adderall is a prescription drug, people abuse it as a smart drug to stay awake and for improved focus, as well as for purposes like weight loss, athletic performance and recreation. Prolonged use of the medication often leads to addiction and severe mental health conditions, like depression, anxiety and euphoria.

Adderall might seem to be a cure at the start, but when it is taken over an extended period of time, it starts creating physical and psychological dependency. It is believed that youngsters and people with a history of substance abuse or untreated depression are generally vulnerable to developing an addiction to this drug.

Here are a few common symptoms of Adderall addiction:

  1. Withdrawal symptoms: Adderall increases the dopamine levels in the brain and with the long-term use of the drug the brain gets used to large amounts of dopamine. When one discontinues taking the drug, the brain reacts negatively with reduced dopamine supply and this often causes withdrawal symptoms like fatigue, lethargic, depression, sleep disorder, mood disorder, stomach problems and even suicidal thoughts.
  1. Psychological symptoms: An individual begins to depend emotionally on Adderall and credits it for the positivity in his personal and professional life. This is because the drug provides a number of psychological benefits like feeling of well-being, boosted self-confidence and improved memory.
  1. Increased tolerance to the drug: Prolonged use of Adderall causes tolerance to it, meaning the user has to increase the dosage of the drug to obtain the same effects as earlier. Tolerance causes an individual to increase the dosage from 20mg to 80mg per day, which is maximum dosage recommended. And an individual addicted to Adderall may use 150mg to 300mg per day to prevent symptoms of withdrawal.
  1. Drug snorting: Adderall is usually taken as capsules or tablets. If an individual snort it to obtain increased effects, he or she may have developed an addiction to the drug.
  1. Behavioral change: Increased dependency on Adderall causes a shift in an individual’s focus on obtaining more drug. The individual begins to miss his days at work, pays lesser attention to personal relationships, faces financial crisis and health issues. He also gets anxious, stays in bad mood and distances himself from the social circles.
  1. Fake medical conditions: The craze to snort or consume the drug makes an individual consult his doctor to obtain prescriptions for fake symptoms of conditions like ADHD.

Coping with addiction

Adderall is a powerful drug to cure health issues when taken as per doctor’s prescription. An extensive dependency on this drug can lead to severe health concerns, like numbness, pain, breathing trouble and weight loss.

If you know someone who needs treatment for addiction, the Arizona Prescription Abuse Helpline can assist you with the right information. You may call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-692-3563 or chat online to one of our experts for the detailed information on prescription drug abuse treatment centers in Arizona.

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