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What is prescription abuse?

Prescription medications are meant to help people. However when a person begins to use them for other than their intended purposes, such as to get high, it indicates abuse. Someone who abuses prescription drugs is putting everything at risk including their work, relationships and their own physical and mental health.


Are you or your loved one struggling with prescription drug abuse? If you or your loved one is worried about prescription drug abuse it may be time to learn the signs. You should also seek help by going to a professional for an assessment. This will help treatment providers understand how best to address your specific needs to ensure a long lasting recovery.


Prescription drug abuse can take over your life but there is hope. For those struggling with prescription abuse, the best choice is to pursue recovery. By reaching out and learning about recovery, one can get connected with effective treatment programs that will help them gain and maintain their sobriety.

Welcome to Arizona Prescription Drug Addiction Helpline

Understanding Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug abuse affects X many people in the United States alone. Prescription drug abuse occurs when an individual is using their medication for purposes other than what is was prescribed for such as getting high or for gaining better concentration. When someone is addicted to a medication they must continue to use it regardless of the harm it is causing to them physically or mentally.

In these circumstances, prescription drug abuse can take over someone’s life and in some cases bring it to an end. This doesn’t have to happen though. For those abusing prescription drugs, help is available. By seeking treatment, a person can regain their old self. Many treatment centers will combine the use of medication and therapy to provide the best possible recovery and ensure that it lasts.

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More About Prescription Drug Addiction

Know the signs

How does one know if they are abusing prescription drugs? If someone is using more than the prescribed dosage, using their medication to get high, stealing medication from others, these and other signs may indicate prescription drug abuse. Learn more about symptoms of prescription abuse to know when it is time to seek help.
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Effective Treatment

No two treatment programs are alike. Each treatment program for prescription abuse should include medication, therapy or some combination of both based on the needs of the individual. Combining an effective treatment program with further support can keep most people from relapse and allow them to enjoy their lives again.
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Finding help

Is someone you know abusing prescription drugs? Are you struggling to overcome your medication use? Are you looking for help but don’t know where to start? The Arizona Prescription Abuse Helpline is here for you. With one simple phone call we can help connect you with the right treatment provider and get you on the path to recovery.
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