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Those dependent on prescription drugs, as well as concerned loved ones, should choose to seek out information to better understand the reality of such addictions. The Arizona Prescription Drug Addiction Helpline offers a blog to help educate the public about many associated concerns about prescription drug dependence. Here, readers can learn valuable information, such as how to assist in cases of an emergency overdose and warning signs to look for that could point to a problem with medications.

17 April
Painkiller addiction in pregnant mothers
By APAH Team

Painkiller addiction in pregnant mothers

The problem of painkiller addiction during pregnancy has become a major public health concern affecting a large number of women in the United States. The increased use of painkillers during pregnancy is often associated with adverse outcomes for both the mother and the child. In fact, even sudden withdrawal from opioids puts the fetus and […]

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06 April
Rise of prescription drugs - Part 3: Legally addicted
By APAH Team

Rise of prescription drugs – Part 3: Legally addicted

While alcohol abuse tops the list of substances being abused, the nonmedical use of prescription drugs, particularly stimulants, sedatives and pain relievers, have emerged as an epidemic. With prescription drugs playing an important role in the health care of the United States, almost half of the population took at least one prescription drug between 2007 […]

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